Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Conversation

One day at work I was doing something and Alex came in for banking.
Alex : Hi, trouble. (As I do wind up people a lot, I am also known as Trouble.)
I : Hiya!
Alex : See you know what your name is.
I : Yup I do, ha ha, hey but I don't know what your name is? (I really didn't knew his name until that day, though I did knew him from almost 1 and half year, I guess.)
Alex : Hey, there is nothing in name.
I : Is it Bin Laden?
Alex : hey how did you know?
I : Just wild guess.
Alex : Ya, but keep it short. Call me Bin. alright?
I : why, what's wrong with Laden?
Alex : For safety reasons.
I : Aha!
And I started counting his money which he brought for banking. As usual money was spot on same as he had written on chit, I did complained to him that at least sometimes he can count less than actual amount, so that I can keep some.
Alex: Ya I know its horrible thing but I can't do anything, I am just perfect. Now common put the money on my card.
I : It would help if you can give your card first. Then I swiped his card and said, hey its not working, unfortunately I got to keep your money.
Alex : Alright, consider it as your wages.
I : What my wages? only
£ 879.25p for a week? Then better you start working hard from now onwards.
Alex : Alright, And he just smiled and told me his name is Alex.
I : Nice name.