Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pillow Fight

A pillow fight is a common game mostly played by young children (but can also occur with teens and adults) in which they engage in mock physical conflict, utilizing pillows as weapons.

A well-known picture of The Beatles having a pillow fight in their hotel room on the evening of January 16, 1964, at the Hotel George V in Paris snapped by Harry Benson.
My last pillow fight:

Place : Mumbai
Date : 20th June, 2008
Warriors : Me, Bro and our 2 sweet nieces
Reasons : We all were so busy doing nothing and fed up of looking at each others' faces, tickling, teasing each other, making faces, slapping each other without no reason.
Injured victims : Head of an elephant without body, Statue of Stuart little, Teddy who was busy hugging his gf and day dreaming.
Victims who lost their lives : A mosquito who was flying behind his gf, An ant who was busy mucking around muss de chocolate, A fly who got lost to her way back to home from night club.
Side effects : We all had serious stomach ache as the result of laughing which was happened due to pillow fight. And later on we all got admitted in Thane Mental Hospital as we all were laughing like a maniac.

On April 17, 2005 students from the University at Albany in Albany, New York set and currently holds the record for the world's largest pillow fight with 3,648 participants, observed by Guinness Records officials. I just watched "NYC Pillow Fight 2008" video and I think I would love to participate in such fights in future which I will, that's for sure.

Have a look,

NYC Pillow Fight 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

No Smoking!

It was 1.55 pm Helen just entered in the shop and started looking for things she wanted to buy,

Helen : Where is the friend birthday cards?
I : Helen, keep going straight and hit the wall. he he
Helen : Thanx, I will find them.
I : Your welcome.

After few seconds,
Helen : Do you do the stickers which you can put on gifts?
I : Nop, but we do "No Smoking" stickers Helen.
Helen : Ye that's good idea and I think person will be happy to see No Smoking sticker on his gift.
I : Of course Helen. There is no doubt about it. he he I think you can get it from "Birthdays"!

A day with Neel

After almost 6 years I was meeting Neel on that day, when I last met him in India he was a little boy, well he is still today for me. He was playing games on his lappy. I was sitting on the next sofa.
I : Hi, Neel.
Neel : Hi!
I : Hey, Neel do you know what my name is?
Neel : No!
I : I don't know my name either.
Neel : What? you, don't know your name?! You should know your name.

I : well, Neel I have forgotten my name.
Neel : Alright, ask your mom.
I : Neel, my mom lives in India. How do I ask her?
Neel : OK, buy a ticket, sit in the plane, go to India and ask your mom your name.
I : But, I don't have money to buy ticket.
Neel : OK, ask my dad, he got money.
I : Hey, I got another plan, I can have your name, Neel. Can't I?
Neel : No, you can't have my name.
I : Why, I can't have your name, what's the problem?
Neel : Because, it's my name.
I: So what?
Neel : You can't have my name and anyways it's boy's name.

I : OK, so can I play with you?
Neel : Yup, which game you wants to play?
I : Go for any racing game, OK I think let's play "Age of speed"
Neel : OK, what's your age?
I : Why on earth you are asking my age?
Neel : Because only people over 18 can play this game.
I : Then why you are playing this game?
Neel : Because I always play this game.
I : OK!

Then we played for a while, I was doing better than him in the game although I was playing that game for first time and Neel was playing that game for a long time,so I teased him lot which obviously he didn't like. After chatting and playing for hours and hours, he told me, you are like a boy.

I: Why you think so?
Neel : You like racing games, you drive fast and you also like spider man. Girls doesn't like such things.
I : Alright, so tell me about your girl friends.
Neel : I don't like girls because they like barbie dolls.
I : Fair enough.