Friday, November 7, 2008

No Action Replays!

It was India v/s England, last year in the UK, very first time in my life I was watching cricket match live on the ground. Many Indians like me came to cheer up India. Specially people from Wembly, oh God, they were so noisy, were playing some kind of noisy instrument, making funny noises, but it was fun the way they were cheering up India. England supporters were bit annoyed with this. When I entered in the stadium it was raining but thank God it didn't rained lot and not for long.

You know what I was waiting for action reply, when I missed one of deliveries. Strange na, but as I am so used to watch action reply on telly that I didn't realized for few seconds that it not gonna happen on the ground.

It was exciting watching Sachin, Dravid and specially cute Yuvraaj playing in front of me. I wasn't much interested in other players like Ganguly, Ramesh etc. Dravid and some other players looks same also Ravi Shashti, where as Ramesh looks more darker, Sachin sweet and Yuvraaj more cuter, when you see them in reality.

Test Match was draw. It was more fun on Sunday than on Friday as crowd was bigger.

I did suffered little bit so far as food was concerned, as most of things were non-veg items. Even chips were so bad. I was being stopped by security guard when I was going to throw my chips,

Security person: Not good?
I : Nop
Security person: Poor you.
I : :(
Security person: My sausages are really nice.
I: Don't push it, I am gonna split my drink on your nice sausages.
Security person: Go back to your sit, you are missing nice shots.
I: That's what I was doing, you stopped me.
Security person: Sorry, young lady.
I: Move from my way, old man. ;)
Security person: You know, you are rude girl.
I: I know, now do you duty and I go and sit comfortably and enjoy watching match. hehe
Security person: Alright it was nice meeting you.
I: Me too. Adios

And recently on Saturday after long time I played cricket with Sid at his farm, it was so much fun, but unfortunately we couldn't played for long as I managed to made ball commit suicide. I mean to say ball is still swimming in the water well.

I used to love cricket but now I don't enjoy watching cricket on telly.