Sunday, October 5, 2008

A day with Neel

After almost 6 years I was meeting Neel on that day, when I last met him in India he was a little boy, well he is still today for me. He was playing games on his lappy. I was sitting on the next sofa.
I : Hi, Neel.
Neel : Hi!
I : Hey, Neel do you know what my name is?
Neel : No!
I : I don't know my name either.
Neel : What? you, don't know your name?! You should know your name.

I : well, Neel I have forgotten my name.
Neel : Alright, ask your mom.
I : Neel, my mom lives in India. How do I ask her?
Neel : OK, buy a ticket, sit in the plane, go to India and ask your mom your name.
I : But, I don't have money to buy ticket.
Neel : OK, ask my dad, he got money.
I : Hey, I got another plan, I can have your name, Neel. Can't I?
Neel : No, you can't have my name.
I : Why, I can't have your name, what's the problem?
Neel : Because, it's my name.
I: So what?
Neel : You can't have my name and anyways it's boy's name.

I : OK, so can I play with you?
Neel : Yup, which game you wants to play?
I : Go for any racing game, OK I think let's play "Age of speed"
Neel : OK, what's your age?
I : Why on earth you are asking my age?
Neel : Because only people over 18 can play this game.
I : Then why you are playing this game?
Neel : Because I always play this game.
I : OK!

Then we played for a while, I was doing better than him in the game although I was playing that game for first time and Neel was playing that game for a long time,so I teased him lot which obviously he didn't like. After chatting and playing for hours and hours, he told me, you are like a boy.

I: Why you think so?
Neel : You like racing games, you drive fast and you also like spider man. Girls doesn't like such things.
I : Alright, so tell me about your girl friends.
Neel : I don't like girls because they like barbie dolls.
I : Fair enough.

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