Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grand Pa

Paul : Hi Trouble
I : Hi, Paul. Who are these girls with you?
Paul : My daughters, that’s younger one Stacy & older one Jessica and grandchild inside.
I : I didn’t know Paul you are that old!
Jez: ohhuhu, that’s not nice.
Paul : She always do this to me.
I : Me? Oh common Paul, I am always nice to you. Hehe
Paul : Ya ya

After finish dealing with his thousands of parcels,

Paul : So, what’s the damage?
I : £70
Paul : What exactly £70?
I : No, its actually £61.29p
Paul : Then why you are overcharging me?
I : I thought lets round up the figure. Hehe

And he took out his bag full of change,

I : Oh God, you again been to bins?
Paul : Oye, what’s your problem?
I : Every time you pay me with this change. I can’t bother to count every time.
Paul : Ok, then I don’t pay you.
I : Well, ok I will charge service charges than.
Paul : Alright, anyways you always charge me that, don’t you?
I : Oh ye? Than there will be some extra service charges this time.

After that day, whenever Paul came to work, I never missed opportunity to ask him, great grand father yet?
Paul: Grandfather.
I : Paul, grandfather is too young for you, you look like great grand pa.
Paul : Shut up.

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